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To Be Redeemed

Single Song

mp3 download of “To Be Redeemed” from The Cumberland Trio Back Where We Began CD.

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You got a hunger in your heart
You got a thirst within your soul
I’m gonna say don’t wait till another day
Get ready to be redeem-ed-e-e-ed

If your daytimes are dark
And your nighttimes are worse
Better read that good book
And memorize you a verse
Some seeds need a weedin’
Some fall on stone
But the seed that falls on good ground
The Lord will call his own

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, Noah built an ark
And they laughed down the line
But when that flood come
Well old Noah was fine
If it was that flood now
Gabriel blow his horn
Where’d you put your dirty hands
With all your pockets gone?

(Repeat Chorus)

There’s confusion ’round here
And the wicked seem to win
But the Lord’s keepin’ tally
On the wages of sin
What good is your profit?
What good is your gold?
If you win the whole wide world
And lose your ever lastin’ soul……….HEY!!

(Repeat Chorus- extend “redeemed-ed-ed-ed”)

©Jane Bowers

Andy Garverick: Solo & Baritone Vocals, Banjo
Tom Kilpatrick: Tenor Vocals, Guitar
Jerre Haskew: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jim Shuptrine: Upright Bass

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©2021 The Cumberland Trio Folk Band
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