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The Hallandale Jail

Single Song

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There are not many places few and far between
That I have not traveled from the Keys to Augustine
But there is just one place I know, if you are passing by
Don’t look to the right or left and here’s the reason why

The Hallandale jail, the Hallandale jail
There’s lots to do, you can count each nail
If you spend some time in the Hallandale jail

Though I don’t look for trouble, hard times I have seen
But of all the places you can reach by gasoline
There is just one place I know where hard times multiply
Faster than a woman can make up an alibi

The Hallandale jail, the Hallandale jail
They lock you up and they keep your bail
‘Cause they’re up to date in the Hallandale jail

Banjo solo/break

I have but two enjoyments, liquor and caffeine
And I gave up on women, when I gave up nicotine
I would give up coffee now; I’d give up scotch and rye
And I’d become an angel, if it meant that I could fly

From the Hallandale jail, the Hallandale jail
I wrote myself, so I’d get some mail
But they don’t sell stamps in the Hallandale jail

In the Ha-ha-hal-landale jail

©Hilary Lipsitz/Sid Cooper BMI

Tom Kilpatrick: 1st Solo & Tenor Vocals, 12 String Rhythm Guitar
Andy Garverick: 2nd Solo & Baritone Vocals, Banjo
Jerre Haskew: 3rd Solo & Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jim Shuptrine: Upright Bass

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©2020 The Cumberland Trio Folk Band
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