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mp3 download of “Babylon” from The Cumberland Trio CD.

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How far is it to Babylon
When will I have to go
How many miles to Babylon
Is what I’d like to know

All alone all alone
To a distant land
One by one hear the drum
Who will take my hand

What will I find in Babylon
Will there be fire and rain
And if I go to Babylon
Can I come home again?

(Repeat Chorus)

The road is wide to Babylon
And I am afraid to go
How many miles to Babylon
And will I ever know?

(Repeat Chorus)

We all must leave for Babylon
So gather up your train
There’re many miles to Babylon
And no use to complain

(Repeat Chorus)

©Hilary Lipsitz/Sid Cooper, BMI

Tom Kilpatrick: Solo & Tenor Vocals, Guitar & Guitar Drum Effect
Andy Garverick: Baritone Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jerre Haskew: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jim Shuptrine: Upright Bass

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©2020 The Cumberland Trio Folk Band
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